Martin Permanent Endowment Fund

The William C. Martin United Methodist Church (MUMC) Endowment Fund is established for the purpose of providing members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts to William C. Martin UMC that will become part of a permanent endowment of financial support and act as a living memorial.

The MUMC Endowment Fund is administered by the Endowment Fund Committee and is accountable to the Church Council. Membership of the Committee is composed of nine voting members with six members-at-large nominated for a three year term, and including the Chairs of the Church Council, Board of Trustees and Finance Committee.

All acceptable gifts to the MUMC Endowment Fund are defined in the Charter and in the Gift Acceptance Policy. The Charter also defines how the earnings of the Endowment Fund are to be used. Examples of earnings use are Missions, Scholarships, physical facilities, and other ministries of MUMC.

Every member is encouraged to consider charitable gift giving to the MUMC Endowment Fund in the form of cash, real estate, charitable trusts, life insurance proceeds, stocks, and other fundable items. Contact the Church Office.