We are diverse. We are mission driven.
We are family. We are committed to Christ.

Lord’s Acre Countdown:

65 Days

The Live Auction is the main event for our Lord’s Acre Celebration. 

Lead by our fabulous auctioneer, Garry Hamilton, that can get more money out of a turnip, assisted by the most talented, amusing sidekick, Rick Eckhart, the fun begins. Do not expect to find bargains at the Live Auction, as we have witnessed, a pie baked by Joy Cook, Margie Greenho, Caleb Bennetch and many others can break the bank!! But they are oh so delicious.

We are looking for unique items from you this year! 

Some suggestions, own a boat, donate a sunset boat ride, own a property everyone would like to visit, donate a weekend or a week, tickets to plays, concerts, sporting events, lawn furniture, suites at Cowboy, Ranger, Dallas Stars stadiums, Salon packages, hunting trip, backyard bash with meal and music provided, Coffee Lover’s Dream basket, Paw Spa Basket, quilts, services of any kind, holiday decor, and the list goes on. If you love it, we will love it! Begin thinking about what items you would like to donate and we will be having a donation commitment Sunday soon.

Reminder: If you have already purchased items you can contact Garry Hamilton or Teresa Cochran and we have a place we can safely store items until October.

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Care Team Visitation Ministry: Volunteers Needed


The Martin Care Team are expanding our residential/homebound visitation ministry. Margie Greenho has been faithful for many years and continues her visitiation of many of our homebound and residential members. She visits them once a month and takes them an upper room, visits with them, and shows them they are cared for from their Martin family. However, we would like to expand this ministry. If you would be willing to be on a residential/homebound team that would rotate monthly and could visit some of our members one time a month, please email Teresa Cochran at slpmom@sbcglobal.net or text/call 817-929-0013. Once we have a team established we will have a meeting to discuss the schedule, list of members to visit, etc.  


Prayer Concerns & Sympathy

Please continue to check the Facebook Prayer Page for daily updates or concerns. To be redirected to the Martin UMC Care Team Prayer Ministry page

Click for Martin UMC Prayer Page

Feel free to add your own prayer concerns to the

FB prayer page

Martin Community:

Stan Crosser, Chris Galloway, Johnny Kelly, Mary Lewis, Dottie Rust,

Bob Stoddard

Family & Friends:

Cheryl Chase, Augie Costanzo, Sarah Davis, Denis Draper, Cliff Groat, Jan Harmon, Debbie Henson, Kitty Huber, Bonnie McKenzie, Matt Nail, Ron Rankey and Olivia, John Smith, Dina & Jack Sappenfield, Semisi Vei,

Deb Viney, Tilila Walter, Laura West

All the Maui Fire victims

  Names remain for two weeks

unless otherwise requested.

Please remember to notify Deanna

regarding any changes to the prayer list.