We are diverse. We are mission driven.
We are family. We are committed to Christ.

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Prayer Concerns & Sympathy

Please continue to check the Facebook Prayer Page for daily updates or concerns. To be redirected to the Martin UMC Care Team Prayer Ministry page

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Feel free to add your own prayer concerns to the

FB prayer page

We extend our love and sympathy to:

Gwen Stoddard and family on the death of Bob Stoddard.

Martin Community:

Takai Afungia, Stan Crosser, Don Jackson,

Kay Kinney, Ken Ruck, Joe Turner


Family & Friends:

Delilah Averys, Becky Burton, Augie Costanzo, Kelly Devoy, Keola Finau, Donnie Kuhn, Linda McNeice’s brother, Judy Meaux, Jan Murphy and family, The Nail Family, Becky Parker, Neli Paunova

  Names remain for one month, first newsletter of a new month, they will be removed.

You may then request they be added back.

Please remember to notify Deanna

regarding any changes to the prayer list.