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We are family. We are committed to Christ.

Please note that the Teddy Bears being collected are for Cook Children’s PrayerBear Program. They ask that they be between 12-18″ tall with no batteries, lights, words or fragrances.

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Prayer Concerns & Sympathy

Please continue to check the Facebook Prayer Page for daily updates or concerns. To be redirected to the Martin UMC Care Team Prayer Ministry page

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Feel free to add your own prayer concerns to the

FB prayer page

Our prayers and sympathy to Rose Neff , Deanna Molsbee and family on the death of Kent Carter.

To Kathy Wentzel, Catherine Ostrand and family on the

death of Richard Wentzel

Martin Community:

Stan Crosser, Richard Gladstone, Johnny Kelly, Tomasi Latu, Mary Lewis, Trina Mason,

Dottie Rust, Bailey Smith, Bob Stoddard

Family & Friends:

Dave Cooke, Augie Costanzo, Sarah Davis, Denis Draper, Cliff Groat, Kitty Huber, Mason McSpadden,Elsie Ridgley, Jim Van Rite, Aaron Stark,

from the Sipples: Emma, Cathy Tangorro, Susie Tooley, Traci Tucker, Deb Viney, Judd Woehrle,

The Mosher Family on the death of Tom Mosher.

  Names remain for two weeks

unless otherwise requested.

Please remember to notify Deanna

regarding any changes to the prayer list.