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Our Annual Martin Craft Fair is April 13th! We are excited to announce that we have 90 Booths booked inside and outside as well as Jewel’s Mobile Kitchen Food Truck and Ohana Shaved Ice Truck & Hawaiian Donuts! We filled our inside booths several weeks ago and filled our 21st outside booth last week! We are gearing up our advertising to bring those customers in but we need your help!

Carol Bush has set up a Craft Fair station in Wooton Hall. We need you to invite guests to join you to shop on April 13th, but we need your help in other ways too! Read below and help support our church fundraiser. All proceeds go to the church budget and the backpack ministry. Your help is appreciated in making this a successful event for our church and our dedicated vendors!

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers to help at the bake sale, greeters, vendor angels to take care of them, etc. Sign up at the Craft Fair station in Wooton hall, all volunteers’ positions are listed with time frames. You can volunteer for an hour, half day or all day!

BAKERS: Our bake sale is always been a success because our fabulous Martin bakers always provide delicious goodies. Please start thinking about what you are going to bake and donate to our bake sale. We do ask that you consider baking pies, cakes, brownies, breads, muffins, etc. and less cookies as we have three vendors that will be selling cookies. Questions, contact Mary Gladstone.

GIFT CARD DONATIONS: We are asking members to purchase gift cards and donate for our Gift Card Giveaway. You were most generous last year and we hope you will continue that generosity for this year. You can drop gift cards off at the Craft Fair Station or give to Chickie Williams. Gift cards can be from any business you prefer. Questions, contact Chickie Williams.


Do you have a heart for mentoring the youth? Would that feeling change if those youth were incarcerated?


TORCH is one of the three elements of Kairos Prison Ministry. Its focus is solely on the

Incarcerated youth.


In the journey toward starting a Torch community at the Gainesville State School in

Gainesville TX, we’re looking for a few good folks. If you have an interest, there will

be an initial orientation meeting at Martin to present the program and reveal the many

ways there are to be involved in youth prison ministry. Come Join Us !!!


                                               Sunday, April 14th @ 12;30 pm

                                               Room C-19 (by the basketball courts)

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