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Frozen Casseroles are back! When you want a warm and satisfying family meal, but you don’t have time to make one, the solution is to stock your freezer full of ready-to-bake casseroles. The easiest way to do it is to visit the casserole table at Lord’s Acre. You might try one of our most popular casseroles – Chicken Spaghetti. There will be a variety of meals. Meals will come in a few different sizes, such as, single serving, two servings, 4 servings, or 6-8 servings. If you haven’t signed up to make a frozen casserole yet (you can make as many as you’d like), here are some suggestions:



Spaghetti Sauce

Chicken Spaghetti


Sunday Roast Beef and potatoes

Breakfast Casserole

Chicken Pot Pie

Taco Soup


Please put a label on the foil/lid with your name and ingredients (for those with allergy issues. You may simply tape the recipe to the lid. A table is set in Wooten Hall with sample foil pans to give you an idea of packaging. Questions can be directed to Kathy Jackson 817-229-2064 or Diane Hutchinson 817-692-2229.

Bake Sale Request

If you have any crystal/glass platters, bowls, jars, Christmas tins, etc. that you would like to donate to the bake sale bakers, please bring them this Sunday and drop off at the Casserole/bake sale table next to the Lord’s Acre Table. Last year many of the bakers used them to put their baked goods on for the bake sale and it was a great hit. Mary Gladstone will be there to collect them.

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Our love, prayers and sympathy are extended to Bev Mann and family on the death of Bev’s cousin, Rod Kalisek.

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